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A Novel by Francis E. Reynolds COQUINA...a small retirement community located on the Gulf Shore of Florida somewhere between Sarasota and Naples. The onset of AIDS / HIV in the early 1980s is exemplified by the setting of retirees of the 1970s and 1980s, the Baby Boomers of the Depression Era, AIDS, then referred to as Kaposis Sarcoma,was not fully understood and began taking its toll then…and still…to this day. The retirement of elementary school teacher, Fred Carlin, and his wife, Helen, is the basis of the story and how they meet and relate to other retirees as they learn of the events, limitations and temptations, of living in a dreamed of paradise..At first a number of characters are portrayed to give background ensuing happenings and the ultimate conclusion as the story evolves, along with hurricanes, on to a surprise ending. Read and relate to those who looked to a future with new friends and neighbors and those also who took retirement as a means of manipulating and using others for their own personal desires.
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